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March 12, 2012


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Many on here and on Facebook have messaged me about the Kony 2012 movie. It's very well-made and definitely worth a watch if you haven't seen it yet.

Kony is a terrible criminal, and I am very much for bringing him to justice. However, I do not share the enthusiasm of the overwhelming majority about the movie and the proposals put forward by the makers. Here are ten criticisms I came up with, in no particular order.

1) If something is being hyped up all around you, this is a strong signal to think for yourself. Be especially suspicious when someone wants to use FORCE to do GOOD. Paradoxically, if you REALLY care - don't fall for appeal to emotion, as is being done here. Consider the implications and outcomes, rather than the motives. Don't let the public opinion shape yours, let the facts do so. Don't let one issue overshadow other issues which could be more important. Don't be afraid to disagree with the majority. Truth is not decided by majority vote. Stick up for the truth, even if its unpopular. That is the intellectually honest position.

I am, by no means, saying that this is a conspiracy of any kind. Neither am I saying that views held by the mainstream are a lie, like many conspiracy theorists hold.

2) What the film maker wants is illegal under US constitution. Men and women sign up to risk their life in the armed forces to defend the United States. Yes, I know that hardly anyone in Washington gives a fuck about the rule of law any more, but I still think this is worth mentioning. They don't sign up to be sent overseas to die on somebody's whim to protect people who are not US citizens. Policing the world is not their function. UN peacekeepers might be a better option (not one I would support either, but that's a different story). To use the US military for this, war should be declared through congress. This will never happen, since he is not a threat to the US.

Briefly, a valid alternative would be people volunteering to fight Kony (e.g. veterans) like they did in the Spanish civil war.

3) Focusing so much attention and resources on Kony could mean that many other problems, like hunger and infectious disease, which kill 1000 times more people will get less attention. Net result: MORE DEAD PEOPLE. Sure, and evil guy makes for a great story compared to a faceless disease.

Kony is also not in the same league as Hitler. To compare them is intellectually dishonest. He does not invade other countries, kill millions, or have aspirations for world domination. He's a monster, but on a much smaller scale.

Malaria kills 1M, AIDS 3M, hunger 5M (children only!) per year. If these problems receive even 1% less attention because of the shit storm around Kony, 100K people are dead. If instead of starting another war, the billions of dollars go towards making people self-reliant and disease prevention, many times more people could be saved.

4) The US is already broke and overextended badly around the world. The economy is in poor shape. Soldiers in the armed forces are scarred after a decade of wars in the middle east which have achieved little of substance, but dug a financial grave for the budget.

5) The whole action plan appears to go further towards making you feel good about yourself, rather than solving the problem in a meaningful way. Talk, share, donate, wear a plastic bracelet? Hire a mercenary, get a rifle and put your ass on the line - now we are talking. Caring enough to click "share" is not really caring at all. Caring enough to petition a politician eager to buy popularity by sending someone else's son to die in Africa fighting someone else's war is lack of integrity.

6) The movie practically says that Uganda (or any other countries) are worthless. Only Washington can solve the world's problems. Are you serious, Captain America? How condescending. Oh yeah, those Africans are useless. They can't do anything on their own. Let's re-colonize them :-\

Petition the president of Uganda to solve the problems of Uganda. He's been in power for 25 years. You think he's any good? I'll bet my ass that he's a corrupt bastard, and a big part of the problem in this whole situation. I'm sure this is not his number 1 priority.

7) The good old "teach a man to fish" vs. "give a man a fish". He doesn't even want to give them the fish himself. He wants to take your money via taxation (all of you Americans) and send your sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, to die in Africa to give them the fish. I have always been on the teach a man to fish side. I.e. give the parents of these children AK-47's and let them defend their kids from abduction. $1M buys tens of thousands of AK-47's in Africa.

8) Invading Uganda in any way could be perceived as another resource grab. Whether true or not, this is not something that America needs right now. How about trying diplomacy?

9) Military actions have undesirable consequences. Just look at what happened in Afghanistan the other day - innocents get killed and it WILL fuel an insurgency. Picture US forces killing numerous child soldiers. The result is unpredictable, and could let the genie out of the bottle in a big way.

10) I saved the most principled opposition I have to the maker of the movie for last. When he described how their organization set up the radio alert system around the villages, I was practically applauding! How awesome, I fully support that type of action.

Now, all of a sudden instead of continuing to take the incentive and empowering the locals to deal with the problem, he does a 180 and comes begging for help from Big Brother. He DEFINITELY thinks that Big Brother in Washington can magically make all problems disappear - if only he is begged enough to do so.

I've got news for you pal. Big Brother has no magic powers. Using 100K troops and trillions of dollars, it took 10 years to get rid of one pathetic bearded cave-hiding nut job.

You are a grown up, not a child. Start acting like a grown up and solve problems on your own. Don't call for mommy when shit gets serious - or don't get involved in serious shit. Subjugating yourself to Big Brother is a sad departure from entrepreneurial ways which were used to help villagers with the early warning system.  

Overall, I find a good part of the movie to be statist propaganda with little connection to reality. The most important part of public policy are the outcomes, not intentions. Unless the outcomes are carefully considered, disaster awaits. Obama already supports this initiative with of your brothers and sisters, and YOUR tax dollars.

PS The film maker is now famous. He'll write a book, appear on TV, and make millions. He feels really good about himself. Well done bro, you win at life - no matter what happens to Kony, the people who'll die form malaria, hunger, or AIDS.

11) As avfc4me correctly points out, Invisible children has collected over $8M but spent only 37% of that money on actual charity work. I.e. this is not a good use of your charitable funds at all. Other charities spend upwards of 90% for the causes they advocate.
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dontwalkbutdance Oct 12, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I respect your opinion and its great that you decided to shsre it like this. How many people do that?
However, i think you are missing the point....of the whole kony 2012 situation.
how are they forcing you? do they have a gun to your head? no. They are laying out facts and urging you to suport their cause. It is true that people need to think for themselves-and im glad you did-and i hope others too dont just read your comments and merely accept them....
but let me just skip to the part i need to talk about....on that whole 'give a man a fish' thing-everyone needs help at on point of their lives.These 'invisible children', the people who are affected by kony, they need help. It is not the US and all the other countries fending for themselves...we all live on one planet. Therefore, there are certain situations that we need to agree on, and fight for if neccessary. This, a war where children and thousands of people are being abducted,killed,raped,brainwased, and so much more...If we as a world cannot stand against that, what do we stand for?Where is our future going to be?
I am not just sayiong this to you, but to every1 who reads this.
so many people and governments are corrupted, i dont think this organisation is.
IvanAndreevich Oct 12, 2012  Professional Photographer
Yes, they are forcing me. If he convinces the government, the government does put a gun to my head to pay for it. Think about it.
I didn't fully understand what this massive uproar was. I thank you greatly for speaking so informatively about it!
cherrystarluv Mar 29, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I agree with you. If there's any way we can stop him without spending too much money will be okay with me.

I mean we might be afraid to shoot the kids, but the kids are brainwashed so they aren't afraid to shoot us.
missingtherain Mar 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
so doing nothing is better
bloody-king-1 Mar 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
it is actually somewhat encouraging to look at the comments and see how many people AREN'T hysterically defending kony and tearing us all down for trying to use our heads!!
Danny1210 Mar 20, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
I'm happy to see that there are smart people in the world after all... :thumbsup:
CorvusCorax92 Mar 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I couldn't agree more, friend. Well said.

use your own brains! do not believe polititians and humanitarianists promoting their agendas. if you really want to help be careful and vigilant and think about for what your money and taxes are spent - and protest if you dislike.

who can say kony is worse than museweni? ask yourself what you really know about history of uganda or africa or any culture you are not familiar with.

do you know who kwame nkrumah was? he had answers to many of your questions. or patrice lumumba? but it is the past and not the part of your official history like kennedy or churchill are... of course. 25 years ago mandela was a terrorist.

1 year ago there was brutal bloody dictatorship in libya they say - it was so bloody that some countries like norway or denmark (so called champions of human rights) were ready to praise libya for the state of human rights in the country!! hypocrisy? stupidity? reality? and now? tens of thousands of dead people. country in the process of disintegration. tribes stay against each other. women have lost their rights. freedom and democracy from zawiya to tobruk, from misrata to chadian borders - freedom in chains and torture rooms. racism, corruption, homelessness and FEAR. but of course mr. senoussi is ok. abdel-jalil is ok. even murderer belhadj is ok.

so i think there should be no more humanitarian interventions no more no-fly zones and drones and no more imperial "helps". it always hurts much more than helps and it always makes more problems than it solves. even if you are not able to read about in nyt, guardian or washington post.

search news about haiti and try to remember those two ex-presidents smiling into the objectives and promising that they will really help haitians... now those arriving haiti say that it looks like not two years but two months after that horrible earthquake.

did not gwb once said god tells him what to do? maybe the same god who speaks with kony?

p.s.: sorry for my ranting it is probably useless
munchkinmoo94 Mar 17, 2012
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