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April 15, 2013


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Go ahead, be a good muppet. Do and think EXACTLY what the media wants you to. Thou shalt feel sorry for the three people who were murdered in Boston today. The next month shall be spent talking about the evils of terrorism again and discussing the stripping away of further liberties from law abiding citizens.

25,000 die from hunger every day, a million is withering away in prisons due to the war on drugs for victimless crimes, human rights violations abound, preventable disease and lack of clean water is killing millions per year, banking cartels immune from prosecution are stealing trillions, drones are blowing up children in half, etc, etc..

Fuck all that, right? The media didn't tell you to care. Take the red pill, friends, and walk away. Keep your mind under your own control. This is not a lack of compassion the three fellow human beings who tragically lost their lives today. It's a lack of respect for those who use every marketable tragedy to further their ends and profits. I hear CNN's viewership is up for the day. 

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bobcat303 May 16, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
ok ok ok ok ok but why did u add so many of ur pics tho
beginningarteest Apr 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You are comparing two completely different things. One is a purposeful killing of humans, and another is the fact that other countries can not support the people that live in them.
somadjinn Apr 20, 2013  Professional Photographer
I smell anti-Americanism and a whiff of an emo attitude I once had in my teens and early 20s. As much as I appreciate your photos, I look at your journal entries and see the same predictable pattern one might expect from a typical lemming, or muppet as you call it. Except your pattern is to rail against the establishment.

The type of person who would rather complain for the sake of complaining instead of focusing on more positive energy. I would actually prefer talking to someone about weather than your pointless drivel spewed over time and time again.

If you don't like CNN, don't watch it. I live in Canada like you, yet CNN is an American channel. Of course it caters to the American public and sympathies, so why do you feel compelled to point it out as someone living in Canada?
IvanAndreevich Apr 20, 2013  Professional Photographer
| I smell anti-Americanism and a whiff of an emo attitude

That's really off-base. I smell some general slander with an touch of bullshit. Be specific about which part of what I said you disagree with.

| I once had in my teens and early 20s

I feel for you, but there is no need to project yourself onto others.

| I would actually prefer talking to someone about weather than your pointless drivel spewed over time and time again.

What makes it pointless in your eyes?

| If you don't like CNN, don't watch it.

If you don't like my journals, don't read them. But it's not just CNN, it's CBC, CTV, BBC, Fox, EVERYTHING. So if I don't like it I basically just have to not watch the news.

But that wouldn't really solve the underlying issue, does it?

| Of course it caters to the American public and sympathies, so why do you feel compelled to point it out as someone living in Canada?

Maybe it's only the Americans I spoke with, but many do share my sentiment of disproportionate over-coverage and hysteria.
somadjinn Apr 20, 2013  Professional Photographer
Really? You're going to reply to me quote by quote? How very linear and predictable. Don't worry, I won't be reading any more of your journals, I just stumbled upon this by pure chance.

Say all you want about CNN, the moment you switch over to a non-American channel like CTV or BBC, the coverage is more varied. They still cater to the audiences watching them, because they have to in order to stay in business. That's capitalism 101.

To me that's better at least than the alternative with no news at all, but yeah keep on crying foul at the media in a country & continent that probably gives you a lot more freedom than where you used to live.
IvanAndreevich Apr 20, 2013  Professional Photographer
Yeah, really. You don't seem prepared for a serious argument but instead are more interested in ad hominem.

CTV, BBC have all been on it for the last few days. I criticize the people to whom the mainstream media caters to as much as the media which shapes their opinions.

| but yeah keep on crying foul at the media in a country & continent that probably gives you a lot more freedom than where you used to live.

"crying foul" is not an argument. Be specific or STFU.

Freedom can't be given, it can only be taken away.
somadjinn Apr 20, 2013  Professional Photographer
A serious argument requires a level of commitment I am not prepared to give you sorry :( You haven't disproved that CTV & BBC offer more varied coverage, you're just stating that they "have all been on it". Talk about lack of specificity, and "STFU" is certainly no argument either.

News media like any other viable business is paradoxically a slave to free market forces. It caters to a majority of people who are willing to watch it because their viewership encourages the ads that pay for the networks. Again, that's capitalism 101.

Does it mean the line between news & entertainment has been blurred? Sure, we pay for what we want to see and often to the detriment of other injustices swept under the rug. I don't think that makes people muppets, but rather selective. I simply cannot follow up on everything out there because it's too much information, so one would think it natural to follow up on what's most personally relevant. News media has a way of figuring this out through something called research & marketing. If anything, it's the other way around and they're muppets to our own desires.

So spare me the cliche "Freedom can't be given, it can only be taken away." I am always grateful for the freedoms I enjoy in stark contrast to the prevailing moments of tyranny in human history. A sentiment I assume you must understand all too well.

This will be my last message on the matter, I broke my own commitment by making a serious argument out of this. From a happy muppet in a free world, I wish you a great weekend :)
mbugard Apr 18, 2013  Professional General Artist
More Americans die from peanut allergies than terrorism, so why don't we hang the management of the Planter's Peanut company? I wish I owned stock in a pressure cooker manufacturer. I would be making a killing (pun intended) from all of these jackass "journalists", such as pony boy Wolf Blitzer, buying them to demonstrate the awesome and deadly power of food preparation devices.

I remember my mother's pressure cooker exploding while she was canning beets. The entire kitchen was dripping in deep scarlet.

Fuck, we have the most advanced military in the world and for over a decade we have cowered in fear and bombed much of the world in response to an attack from guys armed with box cutters. I can't imagine how America will respond to the menace of a pressure cooker!! Nukes in orbit will just be the beginning.
I find your reasoning hilarious although the context is a sad one. I have never heard of a peanut butter sandwich jumping on purpose with the intention of killing a poor allergic fellow. How in God's name can you compare a death caused by an inanimate object with the intentioned assault on another human being made by a terrorist using a killing device?
What is wrong with the way you think, people? Death is a natural part of life, it's true. Terrible disease and accidents take lives and we must accept the fact. What is not to be accepted is the fact that murderous individuals kill innocent people and children in order to make stupid statements or simply because they can. This is what's wrong with the world. Stop taking the subject out of its context and make silly arguments. This is not about your right to posses guns, pressure cookers or peanut butter. This is about the fac that no individual is allowed to take another person's life. This is what all should be, not about your silly attempts to be outside the system and think outside the box. You people should use your brains and your hearts more.
mbugard Apr 19, 2013  Professional General Artist
Go take a Xanax you emotional Nazi flake. Who the fuck are you to tell me how I should think and feel? My tax dollars pay to blow up children everyday, and I am to be more outraged by the attack in Boston than by one done supposedly for my sake and with money I earned? Your passive-aggressive, sheep-like reaction is exactly what Ivan was lamenting with this post.

As far as the peanut comment is concerned, the company sells a product which they know is harmful to some folks, but we don't find that outrageous. We kill hundreds of thousands to millions every year so we can keep our automobiles fueled and running, yet we have no expressions of outrage over that. But a handful of bourgeois American tourists are killed and suddenly it's the saddest, most tragic event ever. Your liberals' crocodile tears are exactly the response our reactionary, right-wing taskmasters are fishing for. They want you to be frightened and outraged so you roll over and give up your civil rights, and hysterically shout down anyone who mocks or questions the official story. So good job on being the pathetically loyal sheep and attempting to stifle debate.

Unlike the response you claim to have to my comment, I find nothing hilarious about your reasoning (actually it's apparent that you have no reasoning, just an irrational and obviously very practiced and phoney outrage). It would be nice if you used your brain at all and your whiny, thoughtless heart less. Perhaps in the future you will learn the difference between debate and personal attack, but I highly doubt it. To quote you, "what is wrong with the way you think?"

And never accuse me of doing something in God's name again. Don't put that wacko, medieval, superstitious bullshit on me.
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