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September 11, 2012
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9/11 is no big deal in comparison by IvanAndreevich 9/11 is no big deal in comparison by IvanAndreevich
This is not my work. I am sharing it on my DA for exposure, original source - [link] - although I am not sure if that is the ultimate source.

PS I do NOT consider the page to be credible, but this graphic appears to be convey the right orders of magnitude.

1) 10^3 dead in Sep 11 attacks
2) 10^6 dead in disproportionate and misdirected government response
3) 10^8 dead from hunger and people care less about this ongoing problem than the 9/11 debacle
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As a single attack it is not a so big deal but this was a turning point that affects us still today. The conflict between islamists and the rest of the world is far from being over and contributes both to the number of victims of war and people dying from famine.
9/11 was not a isolated incident.
Oseltamivir Sep 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
So because people die from other shit, we shouldn't care about 9/11?  You must be incredibly cynical.

Hope you realize hunger will always be a problem because we have too many people for our resources to sustain.  That, and people who are afraid of GMO's for no apparent reason, despite that they could go a long way in feeding the hungry.  Also, I think hunger gets about as much attention from the average person as 9/11 ever did.

IvanAndreevich Sep 11, 2013  Professional Photographer
So because people die from other shit, we shouldn't care about 9/11?

I didn't make that argument. I made the argument that we should care proportionally. 
you know.. you could have made your point without belittling 9/11.. 
JamesLedgerConcepts Jun 20, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
This is very true. 9/11 was horrific, especially as so much of it was filmed, where as more massive events, like the atom bombs in Japan etc were hardly filmed at all, so they are easier to forget about. 9/11 was a huge media event. My personal opinion was that it was a deliberate catalist for war in the middle east, and (as with Pearl Harbor) a way to get the American people to support the war on 'terror', or an aparent enemy.. This is nothing new - it's just relativly new for Americans, but these 'types' of horrors happen regularly around the world, throughout all history.
Why is there not a war on Cancer, poverty, homocides, and many other issues that kill far more people than terrorism? Why isn't there similar funding, as this would save many many more lives than the war on 'terror'.
The ever mounting evidence that conflicts with the Governments NIST report is growing and growing, with more and more professionals (in their thousands) coming forward and voluntarily proposing for another investigation. These people arn't conspiracy theorists, they are extremely well educated engineers, police, firemen, and physicians, including many first responders who were actually there on the day. Even the most basic physics (high school level) will tell anyone who understands it that those 3 towers were the first in history to have completely collapsed in free-fall, due to fire.
This is incredibly hard to comprehend, as it is bassically insinuating that the US authorities were behind the event, in some capacity. At first I did what most of us do - I turned away, and chose to believe that the US government just couldn't get away with something on that scale - the risks would be way too high.
However, since the professional documentary was aired, even the most dedicated anti-conspiracist has had to think twice. Governments have been known to do far worse (look at Hitler) and the German people wanted to reject the idea of the mass extermination of the jews, after ww2. However, it was only by coming to terms with the overwhelming truth that gave them the chance to heal.
Anyway, in september this year (2013) there is going to be a hard drive to approach the Government to demand another investigation, which you will see on TV and on billboards. With the ever increasing problems that are hitting the Western world at the moment, many people are beginning to question the Governments on many agendas, including where I live, in the UK.
I feel that the world deserves to know the truth, whatever that is, as it affects all of us - the wars in the middle east are having effects on every country around the world, and a lot of us are sick of death and the expenses of war. By hating 'terrorists', you will just fuel the Governments desire to keep killing people abroad, and the repurcushoins will ripple around the world, for ever and ever. these wars are designed not to end, as they bring in more profit than any other form of business. We are all being conditioned to hate people we have never met - 'terrorists'. Obama is killing people on a daily basis, including his own soldiers, by brainwashing them to become assassins. Right - I am ranting, so I will stop now.
If you are open-minded, and care about people, you might want to watch the video that was created by the Architects and Engineers for 911 truth. If not, then that's ok. Here is the link. [link]
You seem to forget that its not just the numbers that matter. 9/11 was an intentional destruction of human life. It was an act of terror. The war was also not just about
9/11, while that was what pulled America into the war. We were not the only country affected by the terrorists.

Hunger, while it is true it should be more acknowledged, will be an ever present problem. Because of how society works and, regardless of how hard some people kick and scream about it, how society will always work it is a problem that is near impossible to fix.

Its not just the numbers. Its the concept of the thing.
I believe 9/11 was the second bloodiest day in American history, after Antietam of course. It was shocking and changed American politics, which is why it's a big deal. But I can see your point.
IvanAndreevich May 19, 2013  Professional Photographer
Had to look that up
josharts529 Mar 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
for some reason more people died on the pearl harbor bombing, and no one is mourning about it like 9/11
Wadis0n Sep 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
pearl harbor wasn't technically a part of the U.S then but it was still bad as 9/11. we do also have a remberance day for it BUT 9/11 is just more fresh in our heads. in about 4 more years I bet you it will be a thing of the past just like pearl harbor. 
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