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La Playita by XavierJamonet

First of all, I think this is a true masterpiece. The uniformness and coherence in both composition and color scheme of this image is m...

Enchanting Silence by MarcoHeisler

This is probably the finest work I've ever had the pleasure of critiquing. The light shining through the trees is just marvelous. The s...

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This morning, I decided to a bit of random investigative journalism. Dylann Roof, who apparently shot 9 people in a church last night, can be found here -… I'm sure the profile will soon be deleted, but it hasn't been yet.

I decided to browse through the list of Facebook friends and see what kind of people he has there. Without further ado, here are the profile photos and some status updates from the said individuals. Please note that squares are idiotic smilies that didn't copy over.

 Dylann by IvanAndreevich

First we have our main character, of course. I think it's pretty obvious he's got an awesome life, a loving family (dad bought him a .45 caliber for his birthday), and lots of friends who understand him. He also obviously gets attention from girls, is well integrated into society in the middle of the swamp with two flags of extinct racist regimes, is of cheerful disposition, and has no serious issues like depression. Yeah, moving on...

He needed 5 clips to shoot 9 people, so he was probably a terrible shot, and likely a slow and clumsy reloader as well. Such a shame that nobody else had a gun there, since they could have easily taken care of him.

If somehow, I found myself associating with the people such as the ones below, I'd definitely have the expression above. Dylan gets bonus points for apparently being a white racist with black friends, and his black friends get bonus points for not knowing what those two flags are (or ever wondering enough to find out).

Kesha's best sentence (?) ever

Kesha by IvanAndreevich

"Man fuck everybody man I ask for help and can't get it but I can't get it but if it was the next bicth just cause she suck ur dick or
fuck u will do,what ever she want u know wat fuck u and her and I,don't give a fuck if both y'all don't like it should expose both
y'all bit I'm not like that deo but it's funny cause u,talk shit bout her and she talk,shit bout u I wounded who doing the most ???"

Marcel's keeping it classy

Marcel by IvanAndreevich

"Bouta blow sticks drank some dusse and get tatted all day💉💉💉💰⛽⛽⛽🍷🍺"

Hvzeyy's reflection on reality

Hvzeyy by IvanAndreevich

"Imn nevaa soberr💨💨⛽😂😂"

Joey's original night out

Joey by IvanAndreevich

"Hennessy type of night !"

Fressh Kid's profound dating advice

Fresh by IvanAndreevich

"Things never to do to a girl
1. Don't ever have sex with her while she's on her period
2. Don't force her into sex, if you hold her down and she starts crying get the fukk off her
3. Never leave her alone with you family she's never met
4. Don't ask her if she loves you she'll tell you
5. If you don't have facts don't accuse her of cheating
Who agree!!!!!!"

Terrica's I don't even know what

Terrica by IvanAndreevich

"Tbh💯🙈❤🔐👌 Doing All Bored So I'm Do Tbh's!!!🙈😂😍💯👌LMS"

Lane's simply irresistible, baby - come get some

Lane by IvanAndreevich

Remo's is too cool for words

Remo by IvanAndreevich


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Artist | Professional | Photography
Started photography somewhat seriously in 2009. Favorite subjects are mountain landscapes, and sunsets over water.

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Black-Veil-Illusion Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015
Oh my gosh!!! Your photos are all so amazing, not only in quality but the subjects themselves are simply suberb! Awesome stuff!:happybounce: 
CarlaSophia Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2015   Photographer
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Just woow!! La la la la La la la la 
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Absolutely stunning pictures! Truly the slogan "Beautiful British Columbia" is visible through your pictures.
IvanAndreevich Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2015  Professional Photographer
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Dude, your gallery awe-inspiring!:) +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav 
LunasChild8 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015
Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! Keep up the good work!
IrenaMari-Pia Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015   Digital Artist
Потрясающие работы. Спасибо вам.
scketer Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015
Hey!!! Your pics are amazing. the colours, the sunset, omg it's wondeful!! congrats!!!
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